Impact With Purpose

The flight deck of an aircraft carrier is perhaps the most extreme work environment in the world. 


A successful launch and landing is the result of a disciplined, experienced and talented team performing coordinated and critical functions under intense pressure. 


Today, businesses are constantly challenged to quickly and effectively assess, develop, plan, fund and execute initiatives and strategies to grow in this new environment we all face.  


Catapult Partners provides our clients with the talent, experience and advisory resources they need to launch, grow and succeed as they move forward.

Since our initial launch in 2008, Catapult's Purpose has remained the same:


Use our collective core talents, experiences, and relationships to provide solutions that help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.  

Whether we are advising clients and providing introductions to key business development partners or executive level strategic guidance, we specialize in finding the right relationships to help companies grow and succeed. 

We are dedicated to fueling the growth of entrepreneurs and their companies. Catapult Partners and our unique Advisor Network offer vast and valuable experience with extensive relationships years in the making, covering an array of industry specific experience – including aviation, health care, manufacturing, real estate development, and many more – to support our clients' needs. 


In today’s dramatically changing business environment, Catapult Partners' networks and resources – with proven talent and expertise – help our clients navigate critical business issues to achieve their goals, and impact more than the bottom line.



Catapult Partners

3811 Turtle Creek

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Dallas, TX  75219

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