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Aidentified - The Leader in AI-Powered Prospecting - Takes Off With Catapult Partners

DALLAS, March 7, 2022 Catapult Partners is excited to announce its partnership with Aidentified, the leader in AI-powered prospecting and relationship intelligence as recognized by’s 2021 industry awards.

Aidentified’s unique “data lake” combines professional and household data to offer customers a 360º view of business prospects and the best path for engagement. Its proprietary algorithms are fed by 210 million consumer profiles, plus 100 million professional profiles, to generate unparalleled insights into prospect behavior, real-time wealth events, and nuanced relationship intelligence mapping. Aidentified has successfully merged previously siloed professional and personal networks into a powerful relationship cloud, and by layering in 100 billion AI-uncovered relationships of their own, they’ve surfaced countless new referral opportunities for their clients.

Armed with this information, individuals and enterprises can dramatically save time – often 2-3 hours per day – by quickly uncovering new relationship and introduction paths to engage prospects with the right information at the right time through the right channels. And with CRM integration and real-time alerts, Aidentified users can stay informed about key events for their current customers and potential prospects.

Co-Founders (and twin brothers) Darr and Tom Aley were recently profiled in Forbes and interviewed on Cheddar News.

Catapult Partners has been hired to accelerate Aidientified’s business development efforts in key industries including banking, insurance, real estate, wealth management and more. Catapult Partners’ unique Advisory Board network brings together the experience and talents of a diverse bench of accomplished executives with business relationships years in the making. This “intellectual property” is leveraged to make endorsed introductions to senior decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies and accelerate the sales process for our clients.

We set out to build the tool we all wish we had over our careers – one that takes the hard work out of prospecting, and delivers precision, effectiveness, and efficiencies to our clients. We are excited to partner with the Catapult Partners team and add the amazing talents and network of relationships that their Advisory Board brings. They’re quickly building out a strategic growth plan and securing key industry opportunities we didn’t think possible!”

– Darr Aley, Aidentified’s Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

“Darr and Tom and the Aidentified team have built an amazing product that for the first time connects vast household and professional data so individuals and enterprises can both discover and leverage deeper relationships. We’re all about relationships at Catapult Partners and we’re excited that they came to Texas to partner with us. Our team’s networks and relationships are years in the making, and we’re excited to help drive business development and the potential new clients for Aidentified.”

– Neil Waterman, Catapult Partners’ Chairman and CEO

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